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    • NVIDIA Nsight Integration (highlighted) under the Nsight menu

      NVIDIA Nsight Developer Tools Integration for Visual Studio

      NVIDIA Nsight Integration is a Visual Studio extension that allows you to access the power of the following NVIDIA Nsight standalone tools from within Visual Studio.

      When any of these tools are installed along with NVIDIA Nsight Integration, these tools will appear under the NVIDIA 'Nsight' menu in the Visual Studio menu bar.

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    NVIDIA Nsight Integration is freely offered through the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace

    Key Features

      • Nsight standalone tools activity commands are now under the 'Nsight' menu, for quick access from within Visual Studio.
      • When launched, Nsight standalone tool activities are auto-populated with Visual Studio project settings, providing an improved development workflow.
      • Key bindings provide quick launching of activities.
      • Visibility control options allow you to individually hide and show the Nsight tools that you've installed.
      • Available for use on Visual Studio 2022, 2019, 2017[1][2].

      [1] As of Nsight™ Integration 2022.1, released in May 2022, VS2015 support has been dropped.
      [2] Visual Studio 2022 and later require the 64-bit version of Nsight Intration, while VS2019 and earlier require the 32-bit version.


    Visual Studio project settings are transferred to the Nsight standalone tool

    Key binding support for quick access

    Enable/Disable tools to control visibility in Nsight menu

    Take full advantage of NVIDIA's suite of Nsight tools

    In order to use the full suite of Nsight tools within Visual Studio, you'll need to download and install these Nsight tools:

    Nsight Tool Minimum Version Purpose
    Nsight Compute 2019.5.1 CUDA application interactive kernel profiler
    Nsight Graphics 2020.2.0 Graphics application frame debugger and profiler
    Nsight Systems 2020.2.1 System-wide performance analysis tool
    Nsight Visual Studio Edition n/a CPU+GPU CUDA debugger for integrated Visual Studio development, build, debugging, code correctness, and core dump analysis.
    NOTE: Nsight VSE self-integrates into Visual Studio and does not require NVIDIA Nsight Integration