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  • The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Game Developer Program

    The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Game Developer Program

    For over 20 years, NVIDIA has been at the forefront of building advanced GPU and gaming technologies for game developers. We’re as passionate about building technology as we are about helping game developers deliver their creative vision. With the introduction of our line of RTX GPUs and real-time ray tracing, we’re enabling game developers to add realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows to their PC gaming projects for the first time ever.

    In addition to RTX, our GeForce Now cloud gaming subscription service offers a whole new way to play your favorite PC games on Mac, PC, and Android devices. The market for your game just got bigger.

    It’s a great time to be a gamer, and an even better time to be an indie game developer. It’s never been easier for you to build the game of your dreams, and there are more games than ever for gamers to play. But this also means that it has become increasingly difficult for gamers to find your game.

    That’s where the NVIDIA? Indie Spotlight? Program comes in. We’ll leverage our GeForce? marketing channels to tell them about your great game. All upside. No catch.

    Register for the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program today!

    Register Today!

    * Please note that your NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Developer registration is not tied to your NVIDIA Developer Program account. They are separate accounts.

    Why NVIDIA Indie Spotlight?

    Whether you’re a talented first-time game developer, or a team of former AAA devs striking out on your own, we want gamers to know about your game. We handpick and curate the best of the best who apply to the program to share with our GeForce community of gamers.

    Benefits of the Developer Program

    The below opportunities are available to games accepted into the program:

    • Feature articles on GeForce.com

    • Marketing exposure on GeForce Now

    • Feature posts on our GeForce social media channels

    • Opportunities at tradeshows and NVIDIA events

    What games qualify for the program?

    • PC Games – all comers are welcome!

    • VR games for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

    What Game Developers Think About the Indie Spotlight Game Developer Program

    Serial Cleaner

    “We are incredibly happy with the support NVIDIA has provided us through the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program. Serial Cleaner received a lot of exposure through their GeForce social media channels and we are extremely thankful for that. We look forward to working with NVIDIA and the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program on our next game.”

    Jacek G?owacki, iFun4All


    "It's generous of NVIDIA to provide a helping hand for us indies. They reach out, they help at expos, they help us promote, and they are awesome people. The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program is much appreciated."

    Nat Weiss, Wizard Fu

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare

    "Indie developers typically lack a platform to spread the word about their game beyond a niche audience. NVIDIA Indie Spotlight offers just that and brought new and fresh eyes to Mirage: Arcane Warfare. NVIDIA Indie Spotlight is an awesome initiative run by people who are clearly passionate about supporting independent games and helping them to get the visibility they deserve."

    Alex Hayter, Torn Banner Studios

    Day of Infamy

    “The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program is a great way for PC gaming fans to find 'hidden gems' from independent developers who are always pushing the boundaries of game play and game development.

    Day of Infamy's selection to participate in NVIDIA's Indie Spotlight Program is a great honour and has enabled us to reach a whole new audience of hardcore gaming fans!

    Jon Higgins, New World Interactive

    Dead Cells

    "Having the guys from NVIDIA reach out and say: "You're game looks awesome, how can we help?" That's a confidence boost, but it's also an amazing marketing opportunity from a major hardware company with no strings attached. The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program is a really great initiative for indie devs!"

    Steve Filby, Motion Twin

    Hard Reset: Redux

    "We feel that the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program had a definite positive impact on Hard Reset: Redux, both in reaching new customers and helping us to move more units.”

    Vernon Vrolijk, Gambitious

    8 Bit Series

    “The support we’ve received for our 8-Bit series through the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight has been awesome. We know the program introduced our 8-bit series to an audience of passionate gamers that we may never have reached otherwise because we tracked an increase in our Steam traffic back to NVIDIA’s marketing and social media channels.”

    Mike Legg, Petroglyph Studios

    Dead by Daylight

    “NVIDIA has been incredibly supportive of Dead by Daylight from the beginning. Participating in the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight helped create visibility for our game with the hard core players that have been a driving force in our community.”

    Stephen Mulrooney, Behaviour Interactive


    "NVIDIA Indie Spotlight has been a key element in our visibility strategy. NVIDIA has an insane reach with their Geforce Experience and social channels, which has proven critical to our success"

    Valerio Di Donato, 34 Big Things


    “We're thrilled to be part of the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight. Marketing is always a major challenge for an indie developer and this program has been invaluable to us on that front. It boosted awareness for Maize exponentially, ensuring that many more gamers will have the chance to play it. NVIDIA has been a great partner during development and we highly recommend this program.”

    Daniel Posner, Finish Line Games

    These Games Have Been Accepted Into the Program