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NVIDIA? Riva, a premium edition of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, is a GPU-accelerated speech and translation AI SDK for building and deploying fully customizable, real-time AI pipelines that deliver world-class accuracy in all clouds, on premises, at the edge, and on embedded devices.

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Select the language and check out how Riva ASR delivers highly accurate transcription in real time by providing an input through your microphone or uploading a .wav file from your device.

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Ways to Get Started With NVIDIA Riva

Purchase Riva for Deployment at Scale

Purchase Riva for Production Deployment

Get unlimited usage on all clouds, access to NVIDIA AI experts, and long-term support for production deployments with a purchase of NVIDIA Riva.

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Get Access to Riva AI Workflows

Get Access to Riva AI Workflows

Accelerate development time with packaged AI workflows for audio transcription and intelligent virtual assistants.

Learn More About the Transcription Workflow

Learn More About the Intelligent Virtual Assistant Workflow
 Download Containers and Models for Development

Download Containers and Models for Development

Develop voice-enabled applications for cloud, data center, or embedded deployments with Riva containers and pretrained models, available in a free 90-day trial on NVIDIA NGC? to members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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Introductory Resources

Quick-Start Guide

Get step-by-step instructions for deploying pretrained models as services on a local workstation and how to interact with them through a client.

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Introductory Blog

Learn about Riva’s architecture, key features, and components for building speech AI services.

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Introductory Webinar

Build and deploy end-to-end speech AI pipelines using NVIDIA Riva.

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Use-Case Demo

See how Computacenter, Tarteel, Floatbot, Minerva CQ and others use Riva for transcription, translation, and voice of their agent assists, AI virtual assistants, and digital humans.

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Development Starter Kits

Access everything you need to start developing your speech and translation AI application with NVIDIA Riva containers and models, including tutorials, notebooks, forums, release notes, and documentation.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Achieve high transcription accuracy for English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Korean, German, Portuguese, and French and two out-of-the-box expressive professional female and male voices for U.S. English with state-of-the-art models pretrained on thousands of hours of audio on NVIDIA supercomputers.

  • Speech Recognition Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tutorial: Use Riva ASR Out-Of-The-Box
  • Tutorial: Riva ASR Customization
  • Sample App: Riva Contact Center Video Conference
  • Sample App: Virtual Assistant with Rasa

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Customize across ASR pipelines for different languages, accents, domains, vocabulary, and context for the best possible accuracy for your use case, and across TTS pipelines for the voice and intonation you want.

  • TTS Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Documentation: TTS Service Sample
  • Documentation: TTS SSML Sample
  • Sample App: Virtual Assistant with RASA

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Neural Machine Translation

Integrate highly accurate speech to text or speech to speech translation for up to 31 languages into your conversational application pipelines.

  • NMT Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tutorial: Use Riva NMT Out-Of-The-Box

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Demo Video Tutorials

Learn to set up and start using Riva—from accessing NVIDIA NGC, and working with the NGC Riva Skills Quick Start, to running inference with ASR and TTS models.

The Basics of NVIDIA NGC

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Quick Start Guide for Riva

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Exploring Riva’s Capabilities

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Self-Paced Training

Learn anytime, anywhere, with just a computer and an internet connection through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI).

Riva Speech API Demo

Take This DLI Course

Get Started with Highly Accurate Custom ASR for Speech AI

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Early Access Programs

Riva Studio

Riva Studio is a low-code service that simplifies and accelerates the creation, customization, and deployment of enterprise speech AI applications.

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Bot Maker

NVIDIA Bot Maker is an SDK that enables you to build conversational AI applications such as chatbots, multimodal virtual assistants, and interactive avatars.

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Ethical AI

NVIDIA platforms and application frameworks enable developers to build a wide array of AI applications. Consider potential algorithmic bias when choosing or creating the models being deployed. Also, work with the model’s developer to ensure that it meets the requirements for the relevant industry and use case; that the necessary instruction and documentation are provided to understand error rates, confidence intervals, and results; and that the model is being used under the conditions and in the manner intended.

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