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  • JetPack (the Jetson SDK) is an on-demand all-in-one package that bundles developer software for the NVIDIA? Jetson Embedded Platform. Use the JetPack installer to flash your Jetson Developer Kit with the latest OS image, to install developer tools for both host PC and Developer Kit, and to install the libraries and APIs, samples, and documentation needed to jumpstart your development environment.

    JetPack 3.1 introduces L4T 28.1, a new production release supporting both Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX1. Also new is TensorRT 2.1, cuDNN 6.0, and expanded MM API functionality and samples. Components for Jetson TK1 remain unchanged from the previous version of JetPack.

    NVIDIA JetPack is offered free of charge, but requires NVIDIA Developer Program membership. Not a member? Join the Developer Program here.

     Download *    Install Guide   Documentation 

    Note: An Ubuntu host PC is required to run the JetPack installer. The JetPack installer can flash and update software on a target Jetson device, but it cannot not run directly on that device. When no target device is present, the JetPack installer can still be used to update software on the host PC.


    JetPack 3.1 includes support for the latest software for Jetson Developer Kits. Automatically flash your Jetson Developer Kit with the latest BSP and install the latest software tools required to build and profile for applications for the Jetson Embedded Platform.

    Please follow the available guide to Download and Install JetPack.

    Release Highlights:

    • New L4T Production Release 28.1
      • This 64-bit BSP (Board Support Package) has been designed to work on both Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX1
    • TensorRT 2.1
      • New Customer Layer API enables integration of novel, user-defined layers
      • Doubled Deep Learning inference performance for batch size of one
    • cuDNN v6.0
      • New fused convolution provides better performance due to faster compute in the fused kernels
      • New dilated convolution reduces the number of parameters, which results in speed up of computation for certain applications like object detection and image segmentation that require convolution followed by upscaling
    • Multimedia API v28.1
      • New functionality
        • TNRv2 (Temporal Noise Reduction)
          • High quality spatio-temporal noise reduction using GPU. Recommended for applications where low light video quality is important and GPU requirement is acceptable. Typical GPU utilization is <8.5% for 1080p30fps operation on Jetson TX1.
        • Piecewise linear WDR Support
          • ISP now supports cameras with “built-in WDR” that combine multiple exposures on-sensor and transmit the result with a piecewise linear encoding. Functionality verified using Sony IMX-185 (and reference driver is included). This feature does not include support for other WDR technologies such as DOL or spatial interleaving.
      • New samples
        • How to share CUDA buffer with v412 camera and then process color conversion (YUYV to RGB) with CUDA algorithm
        • How to render video stream (YUV) or UI (RGB) with Tegra DRM (Direct Rendering Manager), i.e. rendering support for non-X11 and lightweight display system. Tegra DRM is implemented in user-space and is compatible with standard DRM 2.0

    Learn more about JetPack 3.1

    Product Features

    JetPack includes host (Ubuntu Desktop) and target (Jetson Developer Kit) developer tools, APIs, and packages (OS images, tools, middleware, samples, and documentation) for developing on the NVIDIA Jetson Embedded Platform.

    OS Images

    Sample file systems derived from Ubuntu for Jetson Products.

    ProductL4T VersionNotes

    Jetson TX2

    Jetson TX1



    64-bit Ubuntu 16.04

    Kernel 4.4

    Production Release

    Jetson TK1



    32-bit Ubuntu 14.04

    Kernel 3.10.40

    Production Release

    Libraries and APIs

    • CUDA 8.0 Toolkit for Host (Ubuntu with cross-development support)
    • CUDA 8.0 Toolkit for Jetson Device
    • cuDNN 6.0
    • TensorRT 2.1
    • VisionWorks 1.6
    • OpenCV4Tegra 2.4.13
    • MM API 28.1

    Developer Tools

    • Tegra Graphics Debugger 2.4
      • A console-grade tool that enables debugging and profiling of applications using OpenGL ES 2.0-3.2 and OpenGL 4.2-4.5 core, plus many extensions, allowing developers to get the most out of the Jetson Embedded Platform.
    • Tegra System Profiler 3.7
      • A multi-core CPU sampling profiler that provides an interactive view of captured profiling data, helping improve overall application performance.



    • Jetson Documentation
    • JetPack Documentation

    System Requirements

    Host Platform Requirements:

    • Ubuntu Linux x64 (v14.04)
    • JetPack runs on the host Ubuntu x86_64 machine and sets up your developer environment and Jetson Developer Kit target via remote access
    • Note: A valid internet connection and at least 10GB of disk space is needed for the complete installation of JetPack.

    Target Platform Requirements:

    • Jetson Developer Kit
      • USB Micro-B cable connecting Jetson to your Linux host for flashing
      • An HDMI cable connecting the HDMI port on Jetson Developer Kit to an external HDMI display (Not included in the developer kit)
      • An Ethernet cable plugged into the on-board Ethernet port, which is connected to either a secondary network card on your Linux host or the same network router prividing internet access for the Linux host (Not included in the developer kit)
      • To connect USB peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, a USB hub could be connected to the USB port on the Jetson system (Not included in the developer kit)


    We encourage all users to report feedback, bugs, and suggestions to improve the workflow experience of future releases of JetPack. A feedback form is available here.

    To access older versions of JetPack, please visit JetPack Archive.