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  • Cinematic-Quality Ocean Simulation

    NVIDIA WaveWorks enables developers to deliver a cinematic-quality ocean simulation for interactive applications. The simulation runs in the frequency domain using spectral wave model for wind waves and displacements plus velocity potentials for interactive waves. A set of inverse FFT steps then transforms to the spatial domain ready for rendering. The NVIDIA WaveWorks simulation is initialized and controlled by a simple C API and the results are accessed for rendering as native graphics API objects. Parameterization is via intuitive real-world variables, such as wind speed and direction. These parameters can be used to tune the look of the sea surface for a wide variety of conditions - from gentle ripples to a heavy storm-tossed ocean based on the Beaufort scale.

    PlatformsPC, Linux
    DependenciesDX11, DX12, Vulkan
    By downloading, you agree to the Terms of the GameWorks SDK EULA

    WaveWorks 2.0 Download

    For source or alternative licensing contact your friendly local NVIDIA developer relations representative

    Key Features

    NVIDIA WaveWorks features include:

    • Spectral wind wave model, based on dual JONSWAP spectra
    • Interactive waves simulation, with dispersion relation
    • Dynamic PBR-ready anisotropic BRDF
    • Foam simulation
    • Multiple simulation LOD settings
    • Quad-tree tile-based geometry generator
    • Host readbacks for in-game physics
    • DX11, DX12, Vulkan
    • A "no graphics" path for clients & servers