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  • Welcome to the Nsight™ Graphics Registered Developer Portal, where you have exclusive access to the latest versions of NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics, ability to file bug reports, send feedback and requests, read latest news, and invites to exclusive events.

    Learn about Nsight™ Graphics

    NVIDIA® Nsight Graphics™ is a standalone application for the debugging, profiling, and analysis of graphics applications. NVIDIA Nsight Graphics allows you to optimize the performance of your Direct3D 11, Direct3D 12, DirectX Raytracing 1.1, OpenGL, Vulkan, and KHR Vulkan Ray Tracing Extension based applications.


    Access to the latest release of Nsight™ Graphics.

    Support and Documentation

    Links to Nsight™ Graphics user guides, help documentation, knowledge base and product support.

    Report a Bug or Issue

    Online bug reporting form to submit bugs and issues. The information will be sent to our engineering teams. We will contact you directly via email if additional information is needed or to provide an update in the issue.

    Registered Developer Portal

    The Registered Developer Program is an integral part of supporting the development community and enabling developers to utilize -->GPU Computing and Graphics programming to it's fullest potential. We deeply value your feedback on your experience and are eager to engage with active users on issues and feature requests. From time to time, we will post surveys to help us better understand the needs of our users. We appreciate your support and participation.

    The General Registered Developer Program Member FAQ can be found here