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  • More Science, Less Programming

    Accelerated computing is fueling some of the most exciting scientific discoveries today. For scientists and researchers seeking faster application performance, OpenACC is a directive-based programming model designed to provide a simple yet powerful approach to accelerators without significant programming effort.

    Performance Portability

    OpenACC is designed to deliver powerful performance that is portable across many types of platforms such as GPUs and multi-core CPUs. Performance portability allows researchers to optimize their code just once and expect accelerated results on different processors and platforms.

    How OpenACC Works

    With OpenACC, programmer keeps the existing code intact and delivers faster performance when an accelerator is available in the system. The example below shows how OpenACC extends existing serial CPU code or parallel code using approaches like OpenMP.

    Additional Resources

    Find additional information on OpenACC including the latest specification, API Guide, courses, books, success stories and more on OpenACC.org resources page.