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  • You will learn everything you need to start accelerating your code with OpenACC on GPUs. The course will cover an introduction on how to parallelize your code and express this using OpenACC Directives. You will also learn how to use advanced tools for profiling/optimizing your parallelized code.


    This free introductionary course to OpenACC programming will be hosted by Indian parallel computing engineers, comprises of instructor-led classes and office hours sessions with the course instructors answering your questions live.

    While this course does not assume any previous experience with OpenACC directives or GPU programming in general, some programming experience with C is highly desirable.

    OpenACC is a directives-based approach which provides a simple yet powerful way to accelerate your code. With OpenACC the same code can run on multicore CPUs and GPUs.

    Course Schedule
    Date Class Time
    (India Standard Time)
    11 March, 2016Introduction to OpenACC (1 hour including Q&A)4pm to 5pm
    15 March, 2016Office Hour (1 hour of Q&A)4pm to 5pm
    18 March, 2016Profiling and Parallelizing with the OpenACC Toolkit (1 hour including Q&A)4pm to 5pm
    22 March, 2016Office Hour (1 hour of Q&A)4pm to 5pm
    28 March, 2016Expressing Data Locality and Optimizations with OpenACC + Office hour (extended session of 1hr 30mins)4pm to 5:30pm