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  • NVIDIA PRO PIPELINE is a C++ 11-compliant, open source, object oriented, cross-platform, high performance rendering pipeline for OpenGL that reduces complex scene graph costs on the CPU to optimize an efficient data flow between the CPU and the GPU.


    As rendering performance continues to speed-up on the GPU, optimizing the work done by the CPU and GPU will accelerate professional 3D graphics applications for manufacturing, engineering, and industrial design. NV Pro Pipeline implements techniques to minimize the CPU cost by reducing complex scene graph costs on the CPU. To do this effectively it decouples the application-side scene representation data structures (scenegraph) from the graphics processing pipeline. Efficient graphics processing, typical in professional visualization applications, is the main focus of NV Pro Pipeline. A high emphasis is placed on efficient single-pass processing rather than on sophisticated high-level multi-pass rendering algorithms.


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    Key Features

    • Open source project lead by NVIDIA.
    • C++ 11-compliant, object oriented API design.
    • Modularized architecture featuring self-contained modules for reuse in custom render pipeline designs.
    • Optimized balancing of CPU and GPU horsepower to accelerate 3D graphics rendering tasks.
    • Techniques for minimizing the number of CPU cycles used for 3D graphics rendering.
    • Renderer implementation for OpenGL and Vulkan (coming soon).
    Operating System 64-bit Windows and Linux
    Minimum Spec Kepler or later GPU
    Requirements NVIDIA Display Driver 361.91 or newer
    Development Environment Windows: Visual Studio 2013/2015
    Linux: gcc 4.8 or higher
    Graphics APIs OpenGL 4.5


    Matryoshka Iray realtime scene rendering. Image by NVIDIA.

    Iray realtime rendering on sample content. Image by NVIDIA.

    Crash simulation - front and side view. Images courtesy of ESI Group.

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