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  • Overview

    NVIDIA 425.25 Tesla Driver for windows, which is also ships with the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Update 1, contains an NVIDIA Control Panel bug. This bug prevents a system administrator from enabling access to the NVIDIA performance counters using the Solutions and Administration instructions for Windows (using the control panel).

    For general information about performance counter restrictions, please see NVIDIA Development Tools Solutions - ERR_NVGPUCTRPERM: Permission issue with Performance Counters.


    We will fix this bug in upcoming drivers.
    There are a few workarounds:
    • Run in WDDM driver mode - the control panel seems to work in this mode
    • Do not use the 425.25 Tesla Driver shipped with the CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Update 1 (shipped in May 2019)
      • Use the 418.96 driver shipped with CUDA Toolkit 10.1 (shipped in Feb 2019)
      • Use the public drivers 418.81, 418.91, 419.17, or 419.35
      • Use a later driver (something posted after 5/7/2019)
      • Use Tesla Driver 419.69
      • Do not use any driver starting with 419.67 or later unless it mentions a fix to this issue (sometime after 5/7/2019)
    • Launch the profiling tool with "Run as administrator"