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  • The NVIDIA Aerial? SDK helps developers build high-performance, software-defined, cloud-native 5G applications that are programmable, scalable, and energy efficient.

    The Early Access Program is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) program for developers developing cloud-native virtual radio access network (vRAN) solutions for various deployment scenarios and applications, such as:

  • Telco vendors looking to develop a network stack over a vRAN L1 layer
  • Network equipment provider (NEP) customers looking to collaborate on network infrastructure with transmission equipment, CPE), and other system integrations
  • The higher education and research community focusing on advanced topics in 5G stack, network function virtualization (NFV), software-defined networks (SDN), open RAN, etc.
  • Government agencies looking to optimize signal processing using GPU compute integrated with the NVIDIA? ConnectX? smart network interface card (SmartNIC)
  • If you’re a developer building vRAN and are interested in evaluating our SDK, please apply to become a member of the program by checking the license agreement box below and then clicking the “Join Now” button and completing the form. Note that you must be a registered NVIDIA developer to join the program.

    Once your application is submitted, please give the NVIDIA Aerial team a week to review and approve your application. We appreciate your patience.

    I agree to the terms of the NVIDIA Aerial Early Access License Agreement.