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  • Nsight Compute CUDA Profiler baseline comparison and launch statistics with rule noting performance suggestions for memory vs. compute.

    Next-Gen CUDA Debugger with PTX+SASS source code correlation showing state at breakpoint

    NVIDIA? Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 6.0 is now available with these features and improvements:

    Graphics Debugging

    • Support for the latest Turing GPUs for the GPU Frame Debugger, Performance Dashboard, and Range Profiler
    • DXR Raytracing support
      • C++ Capture Support for DXR applications
      • DXR Debugging enables the next generation of real-time rendering technology
      • Scrub your RT scene and see render-target revisions
      • Reduce the complexity of development by visualizing shaders and key inputs
    • Vulkan Raytracing debugging support for VK_NVX_raytracing
      • Capture frames that use Vulkan raytracing
      • Inspect the raytracing shader binding table
    • User-Configurable Memory Viewer
      • Applies an automatic structure to resources when context is available
      • Allows for full customization of structured user types
      • Built-in help to explain how to use the view
    • Custom Texture Visualization in the Resources View
      • Construct a custom shader to display textures
      • Change the data display or highlight useful characteristics of the data
    • Improvements
      • Pixel History expanded to D3D12
      • Full support for RS4 D3D12 SDK
      • Includes several bug fixes and application compatibility fixes

    Compute Debugging and Analysis

    • Support for CUDA 10.0
    • Support for the latest Turing GPUs
    • Win10 RS4 now supported, Win10 RS5 ready
    • Next-Gen Profiler
      • Multiple baselines are now supported for profiling run comparisons
      • CUDA 10.0 Task Graph support
      • PC Sampling now available
      • New profiling metrics available to analyze and improve throughput
      • New profiling rules available help spot suspicious patterns and recommend best practices
    • Next-Gen Debugger
      • WDDM2 Debugging now supported in addition to TCC mode debugging
      • PTX and PTX+SASS source code correlation now available
      • Improved expression, register, and conditional breakpoint support

    For a complete overview of all Nsight? Visual Studio Edition features and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight? Visual Studio Edition page.

    NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 6.0 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

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