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  • This release adds support for the new Maxwell architecture based GPUs, OpenGL extensions, new types in the frame profiler, and CUDA 6.5 toolkit.

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    New NVIDIA? Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.1 Features:

    • Support for new Maxwell GPUs, such as the GeForce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980.

    Graphics Debugging and Profiling

    • The variable value display has been improved for the Direct3D 11 shader pages.
    • Support for the NV_Texture_barrier and WGL_nv_gpu_affinity OpenGL extensions have been added.
    • A hotkey has been added to show 1:1 pixel mapping from the original source (texture or render target) to pixels on the screen.
    • Frame Profiler now supports ratio types.

    Compute Debugging and Profiling

    • Support for the CUDA 6.5 Toolkit.
    • Several bug fixes.


    • Support for Visual Studio 2008 has been removed.
    • C++ AMP support has been removed.