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  • NVIDIA? Nsight™ Graphics 2019.2 is released with the following changes:

    • Feature Enhancement: Range Profiler
      • Vulkan Support - Inspect GPU performance metrics for whole perfmarker regimes, render passes, and single events
      • DXR BuildRaytracingAccelerationStructure calls can now be profiled
      • New Range Profiler Preview
        • Configure sections to customize the profiling experience
        • Introduce rules to create warnings based on GPU performance counter values within the configurable Range Profiler
    • Feature Enhancement: Nsight Aftermath (Beta)
      • DXR Support - Trace GPU hangs or crashes back to the specific DXR shader
    • Feature Enhancement: GPU Trace
      • D3D12 Fence visualization - View Waits and Signals in the new Synchronization row
    • Feature Enhancement: Acceleration Structure Viewer
      • Configure camera speed and camera orientation 
      • Visualize geometry setup flags by utilizing highlight-based filtering
      • AABB and bounding box visualization
    • Feature Enhancement: API Inspector
      • Event number and performance markers are now visible in the API inspector for greater event context
      • Trimmed D3D11 and D3D12 strings in the API inspector to increase information density
    • New Support: D3D12 Meshlets NVAPI
    • New Feature:  Feedback Button
      • Integrated a feedback button into Nsight Graphics to make sending comments, bugs, and feature requests easier
    • Improved:
      • Running Steam games with Nsight Graphics on Linux is now much easier with new injection method

    Known Issues

    • Running GPU Trace with elevated privileges and restrictive GPU counter access will cause a the target application to crash. To work around this issue, please set GPU counter access to permissive in the NVIDIA control panel.
    • Nsight Aftermath DXR support will be fully enabled with the mid-April release of the NVIDIA graphics driver

    For more details and known issues, please see the full release notes!

    For an overview of Nsight? Graphics and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight? Graphics page.

    NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2019.2 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

     Download   Documentation