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  • NVIDIA? Nsight™ Graphics 2018.7 is released with the following changes:

    • New Feature: Acceleration Structure / Bounding Volume Hierarchy Viewer
      • Supports both DirectX Raytracing and Nvidia's Vulkan Ray Tracing Extension 
    • New Feature: Vulkan Pixel History
      • Inspect pixel/fragment values that impacted the final composition of a pixel within a render target
      • Available in the Frame Profiling and Frame Debugging activities
    • New Feature: GPU Trace - GPU Busy Percentage Indicator Per Range 
      • Quickly identify how busy the GPU was as a percentage over a particular selected range
      • Helpful for quickly identifying GPU Bound ranges or frames
    • New Support: DirectX11 NVAPI Metacommand Support
      • Enables analysis of DirectX11 titles utilizing DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling).
    • New Support: SMP Assist API (NVAPI) For VR Titles
      • Supports VRWorks SDK
    • New Support: Vulkan Meshlets Support (VK_NV_mesh_shader)
      • Supported in Frame Debugging, Frame Profiling, and C++ Capture Activities
    • Improved 
      • Full support for DirectX Raytracing C++ Capture serialization
      • Numerous UI/UX improvements to the GPU Trace User Interface

      • Fixed a bug that would cause GPU Trace to keep the GPU locked to base frequency after Nsight Graphics had been exited when profiling local targets
      • Includes several other bug fixes and application compatibility fixes

    For more details and known issues, please see the full release notes!

    For an overview of Nsight? Graphics and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight? Graphics page.

    NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2018.7 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

     Download   Documentation