NVIDIA IndeX 3D Scientific Data Visualization

NVIDIA IndeX? is a 3D volumetric interactive visualization SDK that allows scientists and researchers to visualize and interact with massive datasets, make real-time modifications, and navigate to the most pertinent parts of the data, all in real time, to gather better insights faster. IndeX leverages GPU clusters for scalable, real-time, visualization and computing of multi-valued volumetric data together with embedded geometry data.

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Astrophysics simulations visualized using NVIDIA IndeX.

Microscopy data visualized using NVIDIA IndeX.


Accurate, high-quality data visualization, feature representation and annotation


Optimized for current and future generations of NVIDIA GPU architectures. Transparently scales across multiple GPUs and multiple nodes


Flexibility and extensibility for a variety of application domains

See NVIDIA IndeX in action.

Visualizing the World’s Most Violent Tornadoes

With NVIDIA rendering, simulation, and GPU acceleration technologies, climate researchers at the University of Wisconsin are trying to get one step closer to understanding the complexity of these unpredictable storms with collaborative, interactive scientific workflows.

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Visualizing 150 Terabytes of Data

NVIDIA IndeX and GPUDirect? Storage, plus Weka file system, enable researchers to fly through a massive dataset in real time, volumetrically, and even navigate through it while the simulation data continuously updates.

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Visualize Microscopy Images of Living Cells in Real Time

See how researchers are using NVIDIA Clara? Holoscan running NVIDIA IndeX and AI with lightsheet microscopy to automatically detect rare biological events in real time.

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NVIDIA IndeX Container

NVIDIA IndeX is a leading volume visualization tool for HPC. It takes advantage of the computational horsepower of GPUs to deliver real-time performance on large datasets by distributing visualization workloads across a GPU-accelerated cluster.

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IndeX in NVIDIA Omniverse

With NVIDIA Omniverse?, scientists and researchers can connect their existing scientific visualization tools to view aggregated datasets interactively in real time. With IndeX volume renderer now available in early access in Omniverse, scientists can interact with massive datasets, iterate in real time, and make faster observations for accelerated insights.

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IndeX in Kitware ParaView

Developed in partnership with Kitware, the NVIDIA IndeX plug-in for ParaView enables researchers to better analyze and interact with 3D visualizations of extremely large datasets.

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