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    Clara Developer Day: Scalable and Modular Deployment Powered by Clara Deploy SDK

    Jesse Tetreault, NVIDIA

    GTC 2020

    Clara Deploy SDK provides a reference framework for developers, data scientists and engineers to make seamless the process to turn trained AI models into operators. These operators can be stitched together to define an AI deployment pipeline, using reference DICOM adapters and sample pipelines that can interface with a medical imaging environment, like a PACS or VNA. In this session, we will do a walk-through of platform features that enable scalable deployment of multiple AI based pipelines in a hospital IT-like infrastructure. We will also do a hands-on session enabling end-end deployment of a Clara Train model. The users will interact with the SDK to deploy reference pipelines and learn how they can use the modular nature of the overall framework to power deployment of AI models in medical imaging workflows.

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