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    Coverage-Driven Verification for Ensuring AV and ADAS Safety

    Ziv Binyamini, Foretellix

    GTC 2020

    One of the main evolutions the autonomous vehicle industry has seen over the last couple of years is that many companies have reached the point where they can make the fundamentals of AVs work just fine — sensing, planning routes, controlling the vehicle. The really hard part, though, is the validation and verification of all of the hazardous edge cases. We'll address these tough questions about how to enable sufficient verification to ensure AV safety: ? How do you handle the infinite space of all the possible driving scenarios that need to be tested? ? How can you control the various simulators and other execution platforms used for running the testing scenarios? ? How can functional coverage help to systematically go over all the known and unknown hazardous edge cases? ? How can you provide metrics that show that the remaining hazardous test cases result in a risk that is acceptable?

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