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    Big Lasers for Small Accelerators: Exascale Simulations for Better Cancer Therapy

    Michael Bussmann, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

    GTC 2020

    Learn how we leverage PIConGPU, an open source, multi-platform particle-in-cell code scaling to the fastest supercomputers in the TOP500 list (Titan, Piz Daint, Summit), to model advanced plasma physics applications. Advances in compact plasma-based accelerators driven by petawatt-class lasers spark great interest in their applications. Ion beams accelerated by intense laser pulses break new ground for treating cancer. Laser-generated electron beams can drive new compact X-ray sources to create snapshots of ultrafast processes in materials and show a path to reaching the energy frontier for studying fundamental physics. We'll present our strategies to harness the power of future exascale supercomputers, handling extreme data flows from thousands of GPUs for analysis with in-situ data analytics and an open data ecosystem. We'll provide detailed performance analysis and show the benefits of PIConGPU for real-world physics cases.

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