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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9935:The Future of Virtual Reality: Visual Perception, Adaptive Rendering, and Robotics

    Rachel Albert(NVIDIA),Lisa BellCabrera(NVIDIA),Claire Delaunay(NVIDIA),Rochelle Pereira(NVIDIA),Alisha Seam(AT&T Foundry | Palo Alto),Martina Sourada(NVIDIA)
    VR is rapidly evolving. HMD resolution and field of view are increasing, VR content is becoming more detailed, and demand for more realistic and more immersive experiences continues to grow. As we march forward in the pursuit of ever-better VR, how will we render fast enough to drive those higher resolution displays? How will we generate realistic content for enormous virtual worlds? How will we continue to enhance the quality and depth of immersion? In this panel, we'll cover topics such as human perception and neurophysiology, adaptive rendering strategies that focus compute power where it's needed, and deep learning-based synthesis for virtual models and environment. Learn how these components are being integrated to drive the future of VR.