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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9903:Embody: Reclaiming the Body's Potential inside the Digital Landscape

    Melissa Painter(MAP Design Lab),Thomas Wester(MAP + Glowbox)
    We'll examine the potential for spatial computing and machine learning to reintroduce people to the physical potential of their bodies by focusing on Embody, MAP Lab's 2019 Sundance premiere. Inspired by movement traditions such as aikido, yoga, and dance, Embody is a social VR experience that uses visual metaphor and encouragement from teachers and friends to bring about coordinated body movement. We'll explain how this experience, which is piloted entirely by body movement and position, reclaims the body's potential inside the digital landscape. Users prompt each other with conversation, mirroring, and environmental channeling to step together through physical sequences designed to center, balance, extend, and strengthen. We hope players who experience Embody will be reminded of their deep physical potential and remember that the body is a flexible tool and able to change (http://www.sundance.org/projects/embody).

    View the slides (pdf)