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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9890:Nutanix AHV with NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions Ready to Meet Demands of Any Workload

    Malcolm Crossley(Nutanix),Tanuja Ingale(Nutanix)
    NVIDIA's virtual GPU software with Nutanix AHV is focused on end-user environments to meet the growing demand for GPU-Accelerated graphics. But this demand could lead to an oversubscribed private cloud because it blurs the lines between graphics and compute and breaks down infrastructure silos. We'll discuss how the ability to run VDI by day, compute by night helps achieve high utilization and ROI for large capital investments that would be underused when users go home at the end of the workday. Coupled with vGPU support for Tesla, this allows ML/AI workloads to leverage capital investment to drive better ROI and bring operational benefits of virtualization workloads to applications that have traditionally run bare-metal. We'll cover work done to make GPU configuration extremely simple and build general purpose infrastructure pods that offer high-performance storage on demand and improve business agility.

    View the slides (pdf)