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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9792:Simplifying AI for Communications, Radar, and Wireless Systems

    John Ferguson(Deepwave Digital)
    Radio frequency (RF) systems have become increasingly complex, and the number of connected devices is expected to increase. We'll discuss how deep learning within RF shows promise for dealing with a congested spectrum by enhancing reliability and simplifying the task of building effective wireless systems. Deep learning algorithms within RF technology show superior results, classifying signals well below the noise floor when compared to traditional signal processing methods. We'll describe how we've worked with partners to design a software-configurable wide-band RF transceiver system that can perform real-time DSP and deep learning with an NVIDIA GPU. We'll discuss RF system performance, RF training data collection, and software used to create applications. Additionally, we will present data demonstrating applications in deep learning enabled-RF technology.

    View the slides (pdf)