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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9760:Discovering ACC Cancer Biomarkers Using a Purpose-Build Hypergraph Database and Link Prediction

    Pieter Derdeyn(Systems Imagination)
    Genes fused to one another can drive aggressive cancer cell growth. Fused MYB and NFIB genes are a hallmark of adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC), but scientists don't yet know how the combined MYB-NFIB protein functions. Learn how we're working to better understand the complex biological interactions that lead to cancer. We'll describe how we investigated the MYB-NFIB fusion protein in ACC by ingesting many large, publicly available biological databases into a colossal hypergraph database designed to preserve the hierarchical structure and relationships inherent in biological data. We'll discuss how we implemented a supervised learning model to identify meaningful patterns that could explain ACC tumor biology. We will also cover how using GPUs results in a thousandfold increase in logistic regression analysis computational efficiency.

    View the slides (pdf)