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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9719:Ultra-Fast High-Fidelity CFD Simulations for Automotive Aerodynamics

    Christoph Niedermeier(Altair Engineering)
    Learn how GPU-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) paves the way for fast, affordable high-fidelity simulations for automotive aerodynamics. Highly resolved transient CFD simulations based on pure CPU systems are computationally expensive and constrained by available computational resources. For years, this posed a problem for automotive OEMs working on aerodynamic design. We'll describe our solution, ultraFluidX, a novel CFD solver designed to leverage the massively parallel architecture of GPUs. We will outline how its efficient multi-GPU implementation allows the tool to achieve turnaround times of just a few hours on a single GPU machine. This makes it possible to perform simulations of fully detailed production-level passenger and heavy-duty vehicles overnight, which is a breakthrough for simulation-based design.

    View the slides (pdf)