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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9718:Secure and Efficient Image Recognition Applications on a 5G Network

    Toshiki Sakai(NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
    Learn how to accelerate deep learning-based image recognition applications on the 5G network, the next-generation cellular mobile network. The 5G network will enable low latency and high data-rate telecommunication, making it suitable for deep learning applications that need to post and get large amounts of data via the network or need real-time inference. We'll discuss how we're working to use these 5G characteristics by developing image- and video-recognition services on the mobile phone network. These include surveillance-camera recognition, adaptive digital signage, and image recognition for retail companies. In addition, we'll explain how to make telecommunication between the edge application and the cloud resource more secure and more efficient for deep learning applications.

    View the slides (pdf)