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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9454:High-Performance Compute and Visualization Platform for Oil & Gas Companies

    John Creevan(GeoComputing Group),Jay Kirby(GeoComputing Group)
    Our talk will describe the business and technical challenges posed by subsurface exploration for oil and gas and how the high-performance RiVA computing platform addresses these challenges. Oil and gas companies have struggled to find experts to manage the complex systems needed for subsurface exploration. In addition, the large data sets these engineers require often take more than eight hours to load. We'll discuss RiVA, which was built to address problems with slow data transfers, and describe how it offers performance 30 times faster than other solutions and reduces deployment time from years to months. We'll cover the technologies that make our solution possible, including NVIDIA GPUs, Mechdyne TGX, and the Leostream Connection Broker. In addition, a RiVA customer will share challenges and show how deploying RiVA helped lower costs during deployment and production.

    View the slides (pdf)