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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9324:Benefits of Behavior Analytics at the Edge for the Retail Market

    Eric Bueman(Motionloft),Yating Jing(Motionloft)
    We'll discuss how Motionloft uses advanced computer vision at the edge to help retailers increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Our sensors, convolutional neural networks, and NVIDIA GPUs allow retailers to analyze movements of people inside stores, and turn these movements into actionable insights. We'll explain how our technology can monitor and better understand the impact of factors like long lines, which cost retailers $15.8 billion in lost sales annually. In the past, this sort of measurement could only be done with handheld clickers. We'll also cover how retailers can track other elements that affect the customer experience including store occupancy, service transaction times, service-area patronage, and customer abandonment.

    View the slides (pdf)