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    GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9286:AstroAccelerate - GPU enabled Signal Processing on the path to the Square Kilometre Array

    Karel Adamek(Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford),Wes Armour(Oxford eResearch Centre, Department of Engineering Science)
    The Square Kilometre Array is a planned next-generation radio telescope. It will be used to answer fundamental questions such as what is dark energy and dark matter? Is Einstein's theory of general relativity correct? And, are we alone in the universe? To answer such questions the telescope must collect vast amounts of data. This data needs to pass through complex signal processing pipelines for science products to be extracted. This talk will introduce SKA and the science it aims to achieve and discuss how GPUs can be used to achieve this.We'll discuss current advances in the AstroAccelerate software package, which is GPU-Enabled and written in CUDA. AstroAccelerate focuses on enabling real-time processing of time-domain radio-astronomy data.

    View the slides (pdf)