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  • Prem Jadhwani, Government Acquisitions Inc.
    gtc-dc 2019
    We’ll demonstrate how GAI customers can leverage the power of GPUs, AI, and machine learning to identify a range of malicious activities and hunt threats in real-time. GAI’s HyperCAP 2.0 Solution, powered by AI-ready infrastructure, shows how NVIDIA GPUs and new applications forward massive amounts of data to the security information and event management (SIEM) environment built on our Dell EMC C4140 AI-ready GPU cluster. We’ll demonstrate methods for adding new GPU-accelerated applications to the SIEM environment. This highlights the improved performance that comes with using GPUs for scale-out data warehousing, real-time dashboarding, and threat hunting. We’ll outline how GAI’s HyperCAP 2.0 solution is using GPUs and customized algorithms to improve anomaly detection with more efficient machine learning, deep learning, and inferencing techniques.