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  • Better by Any Measure: NVIDIA Offers Industry's First Complete Virtual GPU Monitoring.


    Developers can now access our NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK to build monitoring and management solutions optimized for their GPU enabled virtual infrastructure.

    What is NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK?

    The NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK provides an open platform for ISV’s and organizations deploying NVIDIA virtualization solutions. The SDK enables developers to build monitoring and management solutions that can provide data-driven insights into how their GPU-accelerated environment is performing.

    User experience is central to ensuring desktop virtualization success, and more organizations are looking for a lifecycle approach that extends from design to operations to support. The NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK exposes valuable information that can aid IT across the lifecycle of a VDI deployment. NVIDIA taking this open platform approach to make it easier for every organization to tap into the power of the GPU to deliver a better user experience for all.

    Using the NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK, developers can create the tools and solutions that IT needs to ensure a consistently great user experience delivered with an optimized infrastructure that scales cost-effectively.


    Download NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK 16.0

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    Key Features of NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK 16.0

    • Providing GPU, encode, decode, and memory utilization at the host or guest level, with application level monitoring capabilities, allowing IT to intelligently design, manage, and support their end user’s experience
    • Accessing real-time data to take a proactive stance in managing production environments, with analytics that can expose emerging user experience issues before they arise
    • Insights valuable across all of IT – from supporting infrastructure admins for setting up and managing their environments, to IT help desk for accelerating the remediation of tickets associated with virtual desktop user experience and application performance
    Operating System Windows 10, Server 2012R2/2016/2019 and 64 bit Linux
    Dependencies Compatible NVIDIA Virtual GPU certified servers with Tesla M6, M10, M60, P4, P6, P40, P100, V100, Quadro RTX 6000/8000, A100, A100X, A800, A40, A30, A30X, A16, A10, A2, RTX A5000, or H100, L40, or L4.

    Linux Drivers version to 535.54.06
    Windows Drivers version to 536.25

    What’s included in NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK?

    • Header files that define management interfaces
    • Pre-compiled libraries implementing management interfaces
    • Example source code
    • API documentation
    • Getting Started User Guide

    NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK in Action

    NVIDIA Virtual GPU software management SDK extends NVML to add support for vGPU Monitoring. ISVs, customers and end users have built or incorporated GPU monitoring information into their tools and products such as:

    • Sizing and assessment tools to understand virtualization readiness of systems based on GPU consumption, and to predict and continuously analyze graphics needs
    • Threshold based altering system for proactive monitoring of the graphics usage in your environment

    Access a 90-day evaluation license to test drive NVIDIA Virtual GPU, a true, workstation-like experience is now possible on a virtual desktop

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