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    Breakthroughs in AI for Graphics

    At the SIGGRAPH 2020 virtual conference, we shared the latest innovations in research and AI for graphics. You can now explore the talks on-demand to see how AI is transforming the future of design and get an exclusive look at how NVIDIA research is driving advanced breakthroughs in graphics workflows and GPU-accelerated software.

    SIGGRAPH 2020 On-Demand Talks

    This talk shows how Nsight Systems and Nsight Graphics can be used to determine the performance limiters of game workloads on CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. In six case studies from AAA game engines, performance is significantly improved by applying Nsight. Case studies include DirectX, Vulkan and ray tracing examples.

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    NVIDIA Research works at the intersection of computation and display, on applications ranging from augmented reality to competitive gaming. I will give a tour of our research, focusing on two main topics: novel display optics for virtual & augmented reality, and conventional desktop displays for extreme users: the esports athletes for whom a single millisecond advantage can turn defeat into victory...

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    We discuss three evaluation criteria issues with a focus on consistency. We will present two of our new works on this topic. We expect that our audience will get a good overview of conditional image and video synthesis process as well as measures for improving consistency in generation output.

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    Siggraph 2020 Session
    Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine 4

    Learn more about ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4 during this session led by Stay in the Light creator and RTX Unreal evangelist Richard Cowgill. Understand how to get great results with real-time ray-traced reflections, global illumination, shadows and more as well as see upcoming ray tracing features in UE4.

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    Siggraph 2020 Session
    Omniverse Overview

    The NVIDIA Omniverse Platform enables real-time collaboration between disparate applications and 3D workflows. Based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description, and other open-standards and protocols, the Omniverse Platform acts as a hub to enable bi-directional sharing of data between applications. Also featured is the real-time, scalable, raytraced, ML enhanced, RTX Renderer.

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    This talk presents an efficient and elegant technique to compute gradients in light transport. Gradients are crucial in guiding machine learning algorithms to a solution. The main insight given here is that the adjoint method of optimization is intimately related to the adjoint equation of importance in light transport theory.

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    Innovation Never Sleeps

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