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  • Congratulations on starting your Accelerated Computing journey

    1. Your download should have started automatically, but if it did not please restart download

    2. You should shortly receive a confirmation email containing license keys for 90-day trial of PGI Accelerator Compiler.

    Please refer to the OpenACC Toolkit Quick Start Guide for getting started with your toolkit.

    3. If you do not receive the email with the trial license key within 24 hours, please email license@pgroup.com.

    Learn More

    Introduction to OpenACC ProgrammingIntroduction to using OpenACC compiler directives to program for GPUs
    OpenACC.orgLatest developments in the OpenACC standard and success stories from OpenACC users
    www.pgroup.com/pginsiderOpenACC article from the PGInsider newsletter
    QwikLabsSelf paced labs providing hands-on practice with OpenACC programming on the cloud. OpenACC Toolkit registration process provides you with 30 credits for your learning quest